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To start with, you have to be familiar with the game of Bridge and what it is all about. Bridge, also known as Contract Bridge, is a trick-taking card game played using the standard 52-card deck without the joker. Basically, four players that will compete as two partnerships (North-South and East-West) can play the game. Also, they will sit opposite each other around the table. The aim of each partnership is to win or take as many tricks as possible.

Each player in Bridge Base Online is given with 13 cards. Starting a trick takes place when a player leads or plays the first card. Additionally, bridge base online free or bidding, playing, and scoring are the three parts that consist the game.

When four players bid in a clockwise rotation and identify their hands, the auction or bidding starts. When you play Bridge, bidding is the language of the game that relays information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each hand of the player to his partner. When it’s time for the player to call, he has two options, which are to pass and enter the bidding later in the game or he can already bid a contract at a specific level. It is called the play when tricks can be taken by the winning side during the bidding or auction and these can be used to complete their contract. The player from the declaring side gets to be the declarer if he first bid the denomination named in the final contract. Finally, the scoring at the end of the hand awards the points to the declaring side if they make the contact, otherwise, the defenders will instead receive the points. However, a partnership is at risk of vulnerability because either it can increase the rewards when the contract is made or increase also the penalties in the event of undertricks.

To start the game of Bridge, cards are drawn to pick the dealer or the person who will deal the cards. He will distribute the cards one at a time while facing down and following the clockwise direction as well as making sure that there are 13 cards in each hand. After distributing all cards, players can already start dealing in a clockwise movement around the table and person should take the turn to deal out the cards.

This is basically the same in Bridge Base Online free except that you can play against a robot or computer aside from real human players. It will also deal the cards for every hand of the players instead of a human. If you want to play the game with your friends and shuffle a few hands, you simply have to start a table by clicking the CASUAL button. Make sure that a seat is reserved for your friend right after you are done setting the table so no other players can take the position and he can easily join the game.

When you play Base Bridge Online, you will notice several options that could overwhelm you at first. Play it several times so you can grasp the gameplay. Everything will be as easy as 1, 2, 3 once you understand each action and what its corresponding result will be.
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